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Ceramic Infrared Emitters, OSPG Range

Ceramic Infrared Heater OSPG

Ceramic Infrared Emitters, OSPG Range

Artikelnummer: OSPG250
  • Model OSPG
  • Infraroodstralers
  • Afmetingen: 122 x 122 mm
  • Standaard spanning: ~230 V

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General characteristics

The ceramic heater is an efficient and robust heater that provides long and medium wave length infrared radiation. It is used in applications that range from thermoforming or preheating. Almost all meterial which need to dried or heated and have a maximum absorption of 3 till 7 microns. THe ceramic heater has been designed so as to offer a very high efficiency, more than 85%, flexibility of arrangement, interchangeability for maintanance and long life cycle.

Used applications

  • Softening of plastic for thermoforming
  • Preheating of vacuum formed sheets
  • Retraction of plastics
  • Soldered recirculation/wave ovens
  • Drying of paper tape and impregnated protective layers
  • Drying water based dyes, protective layers and adhesives
  • Memory panels and woods
  • Enamelling on ceramic materials
  • Vaporisation and oxidising powder treatments
  • Preheating on packaging machines
  • PTFE treatments
  • Finishing of cares aud unter sealing
  • Printed lamination
Extra informatie

Extra informatie

Naam Ceramic Infrared Emitters, OSPG Range
Fabrikant Electricfor

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