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Flexible Heating Elements (CFF Range, 35-65 W)

Heating Cable CFF

Flexible Heating Elements (CFF Range, 35-65 W)

Artikelnummer: CFF300
  • CFF Range
  • Verwarmingselementen beschermt met een laag vertind koper metaalstof
  • 2-draads silicone kabel + geaard van 0,75mm², lengte: 1.000mm
  • Minimum insulatie: 100 mOhm (at 2500 V)
  • Tolerantie met power: ± 10%
  • Standaard voltage: ~230 V

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Heating elements for compressors are adaptable to any type of compressor, boiler, tank etc, whether circular or oval. The range of heating elements for fridge compressors carters prevents the oil from absorbing part of refrigerant liquid of the compressor. Providing heat is fundamental for complete and rapid absorption.

The higher the temperature, the greater and quicker the absorption. In addition, at the moment of starting up, if the temperature is low, the compressor can be severely damaged owing to lack of lubrication. CFF heating elements provide the necessary heat for guaranteeing that the process in the carter is carried out with the greatest efficiency and speed, enlarging the lifetime of the components.

General characteristics

  • Heating element protected with a tin-plated copper woven mesh
  • 2-wire silicone hose cable + earth of 0,75 mm², length: 1.000 mm
  • Minimum insulation: 100 mOhm (at 2500 V)
  • Tolerance with power: ± 10%
  • Standard voltage ~230 V
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Extra informatie

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