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Dompelelement (agressieve baden) RG

Immersion Heater (Aggressive Baths) RG

Dompelelement (agressieve baden) RG

Artikelnummer: HTC-RG

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  • RG Range
  • Verwarmingselement geproduceerd met hoogwaardige keramische ondersteuning en Ni-Cr-legering resistieve draad.
  • Kop in EPDM voor alle modellen met huls Ø25, Ø30 en Ø33 mm en ook voor modellen met loodhuls in Ø52 mm.
  • Bakelieten kop met IP65 beschermingsgraad voor de porseleinen modellen van Ø40 mm en alle modellen met huls Ø52 mm behalve voor modellen met een loodhuls.
  • 2 of 3 draads siliconen slang lood + Aarde van 1500 mm lang.
  • Klasse 1 electrische verwarmer.
  • Gestandaardiseerde voltages: ~230 V; 2~400 V; 3~400 V

Sheath material:

Titanium Ø25 mm / Ø52 mm Pyrex Ø52 mm
Quartz Ø25 mm / Ø30 mm Teflon Ø52 mm
AISI 316L Ø33 mm / Ø52 mm Lead Ø52 mm
Porcelain Ø40 mm    


Chemcal baths for:

Colouring Phosphate-plating Copper-plating Gold-plating
Degreasing Electro-polishing Nickel-plating Fixing
Bead-polishing Zinc-plating Chrome-plating  
Polishing Cadmium-plating Silver-plating  

Method of use:

The immersion heater is supplied without any control elements, the user having to connect the different electrical circuits and drives to start the immersion heater

      • Periodically check the air-tightness of the head to make sure there is no deterioration of the internal connections due to corrosive actions of vapours or liquids.

      • The immersion heater has a mark which signals the heated zone. To ensure correct functioning, it is vital that this mark is always completely submerged

      • For its electrical connection, it must be submerged in the bath.

      • To remove it from the bath, it must be disconnected electrically and left for 15 minutes or until the heating element has cooled down.

      • Before installing the immersion heater, check that the sheath material is suitable for the type of bath in which it is to be submerged. To do so, and only as a guideline, we show below a table with the recommended sheath materials per type of bath. The final choice may be based on working conditions, recommendations by the corrosive material manufacturer, or else, on a preliminary test. Heattec cannot be held responsible for potential problems caused by corrosion, as different working conditions and other factors, often unknown, can modify the efficiency of the sheath.

NOTE: The special characteristics of Teflon make it able to work in a wide range of corrosive liquids, and would therefore be suitable for any of the baths indicated in the table included. The exception is to be found in baths with hydrofluoric acid or solutions with fluoride base. In these cases, Teflon is NOT appropriate.


Extra informatie

Extra informatie

Naam Dompelelement (agressieve baden) RG
Verwachte levering 1-2 weken
Fabrikant Electricfor

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